Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Something different in more ways than one

This week I decided to try something new for breakie. I had already been eating Weet-Bix for a couple of mornings for breakie but saw these and thought, healthy = multigrain = :) and to tell you the truth the first few mouth fulls was a little strange but definitely worth a try.

Today I was notified that I have an interview for a internal position at work. I am now in Sales/Service and the new role would be Customer Resolutions, you know the ones that are about to go or are with the Energy Ombudsman. I really don't know if I even want this role, spoke to my team manager about it and have decided to go anyway to get a feel for the people and the role. May even ask if I can spend a morning at the office to see what they do. I work out in the sticks (South Morang) and the new position would be in Melbourne City. As you may remember from my last sint in the city I spent a fortune and was only there for a week, imagine me there forever?????

Dazza tells me to go for it as its more money, he is all about the money but I think about the convenience of working 20 minutes from home verses train trip for an hour each way. I also think about the little time we have together now verses not being on shift work so never seeing each other. Now I can start at 1pm and finish at 9pm so we get to have have the morning together. Won't have that with the new job.............. I'm sure I will be able to find some more good verses bad, but for now I will have to concentrate on whether the role will suit me and my needs.

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Kek said...

Sue, I'm with you - it definitely ISN'T all about the money. I've worked in jobs where I was really well paid, but I felt like my soul was being sucked out of me....

You have to chase your dreams and do what you love - or if you can't realistically afford to do that, then at least do what you can tolerate. Apart from the travel and the cost, the job itself sounds AWFUL. Remember, I worked in banking, so I've dealt with about a billion complaints in my time...It's very stressful.

And think about down the track when you have your little one to consider. If you're going to keep working, you will want to be as close to home as possible.

Just weigh everything up very carefully before you decide. Write a "pros & cons" list- it can really help.