Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm so over those scales

Today I have modified my 12 week challenge weekly weigh in's because I am sick of getting upset by the ever changing ups and downs. I now vow to only weigh in every 4 weeks. This way it stops me getting depressed and in turn eating because of the 'whats the point' conversation with myself.

I am also going to complete my Cert 3 & 4, so far I have done the theory side through Tafe and due to the nature of call centre's think I will be better off doing it via correspondence or once on a months leave I will do it full time somewhere and get it over and done with. However that's easier said than done because on the 4 weeks that I am planning on having off in October I want to complete a week at a dog grooming school, get ducted heating and cooling installed and fit in the course if I can find one that matches my time off. That's just as bad as going to work! Where is the time off there in this 'holiday' from work?

I think I liked the information from 'Fitnation' as correspondence, so will investigate further. I am sick of going to work in a place that I really don't enjoy when I know what I really want to do........ that's of course sit on my butt at home, I know that it is lazy and I would get bored and that's where the dog grooming and fitness come in. At least I can manage my own time and not be 'allocated' hours to work some someone else.


ms_attitude said...

Hi Sue, I've done the course through fitnation. I started back in Sep last year, and just had my last exam on Wednesday night. Still need to do all my practical stuff now...(after my Bali trip of course!)
Will be back on your blog in two weeks, have fun in the meantime :-)

Kristy said...

Hi Sue, agree totally. I am so over my scales as well. I feel great and know I haven't put on any weight, but the scales say I have. It really does suck! Every 4 weeks sounds great, I just couldn't keep myself away from them though for that long....

Keep at it and you will get there as Mina Hobbs says if you keep at it you will get where you want to be no matter how long it takes... It is just really hard sometimes keeping at the motivation.

Take care