Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today started off fine but by thisarvo it turned CRAPOLA. I had trouble with Telstra Mobiles, asked to have lunch 20 minutes earlier than normal so that I could met up with Dazza and go to Telstra to pick up his mobile as I needed to sign for it as it is under my name. Therefore he now has no mobile which freaks me out and I can't contact him over night if I need to. eeek!

I can't get past the idea that my TM didn't even check if I could change my lunch break as normally she would have told me the answer without me waiting until the last minute that I'm expecting to walk out the door :(

I really feel like eating, and its funny because I picked up that feeling as soon as it happened. I haven't resorted to the bad food machine but had to contain my thoughts as I could see that I would get home after 9pm and want to eat everything in sight. I am proud that I have been able to recognise this before it happened :)


OK, my mood has changed, just got a call from a really old friend who happened to call about her account. Isn't it really fun when you realise you know someone, you either can recognise their voice or mannerism or even just there name. We had a really good laugh on the phone for about 30 minutes, will kill the stats but I'm so glad I got her.

Drea - a cross sell is when you get a customer to change to your company from another company, it raises revenue of course so its better for business than a up sell which is just changing a current customers account type.

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Drea said...

oooohhh, thanks Sue! I'm clueless about anything to do with sales.

BAN bad food machines... thats what i say!