Monday, July 09, 2007

Another decision made

Yesterday I decided to do my 'pros & cons' list for my job interview today.

Well the Pros have it! I will be attending today, with a renewed confidence that the position is already mine. Its how I have been feeling since hearing that I had an interview. That's been the most scary part I think, over confidence. I have also heard that there were 8 internal applications and 44 external so I already feel like a bit of a winner, to have even been selected.

After going to the gym yesterday my chest and biceps are feeling it a bit this morning. My tummy feels funny so have distinguished if that is abs or something else going on there. Hopefully its abs from my lat pull downs because I don't want to be sick.

We did some more precision selling techniques on Friday in training and I am excited to give it a go and see if it does indeed help me out with my sales. The only problem being is that I have the interview today so I will be late to work and that's one thing I hate. Being late. I know that its an internal position so they make accommodation for you being late but all I can think about is how late I will be, I just hate it.

I'm back from the interview and it didn't go as planned, I really zoned out after a while, hate all those 'tell me a time when....' type of questions. Why am I doing this again? I like what I'm doing already. I ended up with a splitting headache and am at home. will just roll up on the couch with the panadol.

On another note:
Work cover called today to come out on Wednesday morning to see Dazza. I think his old employer will not know what hit him, and too right to if he is doing the wrong thing by his employees. There is or should only be 1 rule for all.


Been to the gym to do some cardio, very proud that I did the bike, 7.5kms, 20 minutes interval. Left like I could hurl when I came out, let alone walk down the stairs, felt like I was going to crash land on the bottom step. I have made it and am about to dry some clothes as well as iron some. A woman's work is never done.................


linda said...

Sue- sorry the interview didn't go as you hoped. Sometimes they seem like marathon efforts! However- don't give up. As with everything in life it takes perserverence and dedication to make things go the way you want them to. You seem to be having plenty of practice at this at the moment!
You mentioned the walk/run- 40/10 system. I find this is a terrific way of building up fitness. I trained my daughter when she wanted to run and before she knew it she was able to run for kms! Lol- lots of black looks towards me for a while though!!!

Michelle said...

Don't you just hate job interview questions. Just put it down to a learning experience and next time you'll blow 'em away.

Kek said...

The thing about interviews is that you learn from them what to do (or not to do) next time. The trick is to go in as well prepared as you can, with some examples in your mind of fabulous things you've done in the past that are relevent to the job, or better yet, the individual selection criteria.

Then you make like a politician. No matter what question they ask you, make sure you say what you want to say anyway. Make your 'examples' fit their questions.

You'll walk out of there feeling like you blew tham away - which you probably will have done.