Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keeping a low profile

The 'Work Cover Police' are here......... I'm keeping a low profile. I tell you its just like that too, there are actually 2 here and I thought they were undercover cops. The investigate the claim completely and it could even end up in court. oops, wonder if they think they did something wrong now????


This morning thought I would put the 40/10 plan into action for my cardio workout and ended up changing to the 40/40 plan and when I thought I could do it no longer or I would hurl, it went to the 40/20 plan. All in all I think it went well, works well into my BFL thinking as well as I only did it for 20 minutes but I could definitely feel it. Its funny because I thought yesterday when I have to modify my exercises for my lower body because I did it at home instead of the gym, that I hadn't really worked my hamstrings but they are sore this morning, not overbearing, but I can feel them. That actually makes me feel happy. So tomorrow morning back to the gym to do upper body or I might just do it at home. I also want to go to the beauty/torture parlour tomorrow too, so will see how we go.

So today is another day, hope to continue on my winning streak at work with my sales, 5 cross sales yesterday, not to bad I think although they weren't ones I had to work for really, feel I might have cheated the system a bit there but as my Team Manager says 'you still got them, your too hard on yourself' so I will take them in my stride.


ms_attitude said...

Good to hear you're back on track and focussed - and getting more sales to boot! Yay :-)


Drea said...

Sue whats a cross sale??

Your doing great cardio...go Sue!

Interviews...yuk! Sounds like your brain short circuited too! You'll be fine, apparently we all do better than we think we do (??)