Thursday, July 19, 2007

We got a new pet

So last Sunday I saw the most beautiful Rottweiler, little girl at 10 weeks old. I so nearly got her but changed my mind as I was having doubts. After all I can't control Domolition dog let alone a new 50 kilo ball of muscle. So you ask, what pet did we get then???

I think it should be called shovel because if I see it out of its enclosure, thats what I'll be calling for. Dazza told me to keep an eye on it tonight and if I want to take it out of the enclosure, to shut the door first cause it will be hard to catch! Like thats gunna happen. We still don't know its sex but will have it sexed when it gets a bit bigger. Its real name is a Stimson 'childrens' python, its life span is 25-30 years! its only 4 months now. It should only grow to a metre long. It eats frozen 'fuzzies', that would be mice, once per week.


peppersalt said...

ha ha, I'd love to find out, too

Kristy said...

Good luck with your Python Sue. Hope your not planning on taking it for walks. You'd scare half the neighbourhood. Haha

Debstar said...

Love the new look blog. It's so cute. Of course you realise once that kid wakes up she will hurl toys all around her room then get into the tupperware draw and empty contents all over the kitchen, put something sticky inside the cd player and rearrange the bookshelf. Then when mum is on the phone she will go real quiet which means she's either a. munching on a dead cockroach, b. drinking water out of the toilet or c. bringing in her mud pies to play on the carpet.
And that's all within 30 minutes of waking up.
God I'm tired just thinking about it. I've just decided to stick with my boring template. he he he

Kek said...

Deb, you forgot d. letting the python out. ;)

Snakes, I can handle. But mice? Dead or alive, NO WAY! Any pet snake of mine would have to be vegetarian ...or something.

linda said...

What an awesome pet! We had travelling 'animal person'at school some time ago and I got to hold a snake ( Children's python) for the first time.I couldn't keep my hands off it. It was really sensual and I loved the feel of the rippling muscles as it moved. Good luck with it!

Debstar said...

Sue, you was having a little moan about the size of your...ahem...boobage. Well go to Go Fug Yourself. This is what happens when you have a bad boob job. Even the actresses with all their money get it wrong. It's also why I'll stay with my pathetic A cups thank you very much.