Saturday, July 07, 2007

Didn't make it

Today I didn't make it to the gym just as I thought. I did however get to spend a limited time with Dazza before going out with mum, the Great Niece Keira and Great Nephew DJ. Today they weren't even trouble, mum had brought along a double stroller so I didn't have to chase them all over the shopping centre which was novel. Although did have to contend with DJ pulling Keira's hair when we weren't looking. Bloody kid :O

I am actually quite tired tonight, my arms are sore, my body is just tired, has noting to do with the Bourbon and coke I've just had. I did make Kerryn's Berry-Choc slice tonight, its still cooling at the moment so haven't had a slice. I put the berries in frozen so hope it hasn't effected the slice badly but time will tell. Am going to make the slice minus the protein powder for Wednesday's food day at work.

I have a job interview on Monday which I have told you about already, still haven't made up my mind if I want ti or not but I must admit the thought of being able to have Christmas holidays without worrying about the call centre would be good. I would be working along side the Ombudsman office so would think that they would end up running on skeleton staff over the holidays so that would also make it easier. I am yet to do my pros and cons sheet, think I'm putting it off not wanting to know the results but will have to do it tomorrow.

Well that's enough rattle from me tonight, feel like I'm about to fall asleep on every key stroke.

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