Sunday, July 08, 2007

Miracles to happen

When I got up this morning I was totally amazed. No the dishes hadn't been done, or the vacuuming or even the rubbish taken out...................................

After being Dazza had a piece of the Choc-Berry Slices from Kerryn's recipes, he told me 'they were alright', I explained 'even though their healthy', he advises yes, even though. On awaking this morning I find that half the plate is EMPTY! Normally as soon as he hears the words 'healthy' he runs kicking and screaming but lat night he did no such thing. I am so proud of my man. This after feeding him one of my own beef kebabs and he even enjoyed that to. Miracles will never cease.

I jumped on the BFL guest book last night to ask a question about the number of supplements that must be taken to do the BFL challenge and had a look this morning to see if I had been answered. I was amazed to see how many people use this tool and the number of answers flying in. I had to go about 6 pages deep to find my own question to be able to go forwards to find my answer, I'm sure its in my email as well but still just amazed at the amount of info flying around!

Kerryn, I went to the supermarket yesterday as I told you I would and saw that in the sugar isle where the Splenda and they like are, that there is in fact a 'liquid sweetener' there. I didn't buy it as I was sure that you would have seen it in Coles before and as you hadn't mentioned it before, that it must have been crap. But have you seen it before?

Also found out that for adoption they like your BMI to be in the normal range of 18-25, as you can see from my new ticker, it is out of that range, this will help me keep on top of it. So I think I will have to make a new commitment to self and start the BFL Challenge. It will be hard as I don't really have any self discipline but will definitely give it a good go. Don't know what date I will start from but it has to be before 3rd September.

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Kek said...

Got any details on the liquid thingy? Brand name, any info about ingredients?

I always prefer granulated sweeteners, to me they're easier to work with because you can use them just like sugar.

The guestbook is well-read and there's lots of support there, but I hate that format. No threads to go back to, no subject headings, just one long "journal"-type thing. Hope you got some good answers - by the way, you don't need ANY supplements to get great results. Just eat clean and work out - that's all you have to do.