Friday, July 06, 2007

Finally moved the scales

Today I have half heartily weighed myself for my weekly weigh in to find I have actually lost some weight. It appears that my healthy eating has done something. Maybe being on the later shift helps as well because when I get home at 9.30pm I'm only having a lite snack before bed, once I have my main meal break at work, then that's about it for food, except for maybe a piece of fruit, which is catered for at work. So if I can keep this up for the next 4 weeks, I hope that I will be under 80 kilos by the end of the challenge (the one I'm not on........)

I found myself stumped last night on my way home as I knew I had eaten all of the chicken for this weeks meals and had to think of something to make for lunch today, on day shift today, so stopped off at the supermarket and started to think what was healthy in there! Its funny that I deem most things in the supermarket as unhealthy, don't know where that has come from but anyway, back to the lunch menu. What to take, microwave food Yuk, tuna again, no........ , baked beans, urrrr no. I then selected some beef cubes, had Greek spices at home, some mountain bread, tzatziki, some salad from home and Bob's your uncle, this will be the beef kabab that I like and made. Watch the envy at work when they smell the meat heating up to go in my kebab.


Kek said...

Good choice. :p

Kristy said...

Well done Deb on over a kilo loss, that's great. You will be under 80 kg's before you know it. I need someone to kick me now to get me under 70 kg's :(

Your kebab things sounds delicious.