Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An update

Thought I would update you on my latest blood tests for glucose, cholesterol and thyroid tests that I had done for our adoption application. My glucose was 5.0, cholesterol 3.3 (perfect) and my thyroid function 'normal'. Now a little while ago I mentioned that the naturopath at the chemist told me to take what I can only describe as POISON to help with my thyroid as in his opinion I looked like crap, tired, stressed and that one eye protruded more than the other. Well mister, my thyroid function is NORMAL. So if I see this man again, one of his eyes will be protruding more! You might think that its normal because of the sea minerals he suggested but as I've written above, it was like drinking poison so therefore after 3 days it was no longer taken.

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Debstar said...

he he I can just imagine you squeezing his throat until his eyes pop. That cholesterol reading should make you mighty happy.