Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm back

OK just back from 'step' aerobics at the gym, its been ages since I have done a class like that. It was funny because I was the only 'newbie' in the class, so couldn't look really 'new' otherwise would be ashamed of myself so I kept up with the best of them. Half hour in someone scurried out, about another 10 minutes, there went another.............. I thought it was so funny that me the new girl could keep up but regulars were running for cover. It seems that today's class was harder than normal. I did find it exhausting but not over bearing. I have come to the conclusion that I am one of those who doesn't sweat easily but go bright red instead. It was funny as I had people asking me how I felt after that 'grueling' class, I guess putting up your hand to say your new to 'this' class equals, never exercised to others. I bet I showed them today though. Anyhow, I'm back now and cooking my 'monster' chicken breasts from Safeway for my diner for the rest of the week. 2 breasts were a kilo! Oh and people reading this blog, tell me do you cook your breasts with skin on and then remove or do you remove before cooking? I always remove before cooking but someone else I know how did BFL tells me he cooks them first? I would be interested to hear your responses.

Today I had my protein shake with a teaspoon of instant coffee and it was nice like ICED COFFEE (Drea), I have been only having it as vanilla, so happy that I tried it with coffee though, thanks for the thought Kerryn.


Kristy said...

Hi Sue

I am really glad to see that you are back and fighting. I know that you can get great results, but it is very hard. I am finding that myself as well. Sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves and then give up when we don't meet those huge goals we have set, which I think I usually do, but am not doing it this time.

It's great you were able to keep up and got a great workout at the same time. It really shows everyone and make you feel great.

I always take the chicken skin off my chicken before i cook it. I find it easier this way and also your not tempted to eat it either...

Great work Sure on getting back into it.

You can do it, you just need to believe in yourself.

Take care Kristy

ms_attitude said...

Hi Sue,
Good for you for getting back on track. You just need to remain focussed on the goal...keep your eye on the prize and you'll be fine.
Re chicken breasts I only ever buy skinless fillets...

Drea said...

Ooh ooh...did it REALLY taste like Iced Coffee?? Yummo! I loathe Protein shakes, what brand do you use??

Glad to hear you went to step..yay for you and your motivated little self! I really miss aerobics classes... none available in such a small town :o(

Kek said...

Skin off first!!