Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You won't believe it

I ate fish tonight! Thats right real fish, not tuna in a can. Actual fish. I didn't cook it myself but I ate it myself. I went around to the fishn chip shop and brought me a grilled butter fish. No I don't want crumbs or batter, just grilled fish. You probably don't realise, I don't eat fish. Too smelly and it tastes like fish. So I don't eat it. But it was nice, made me some potato wedges in the oven and some salad ...................... next thing you know, its gone.

My throast is still sore, lucky I have tomorrow off too. I still went to the gym to do lower body workout. Its brillant with BFL, everyone is like, 'going already?', that man has the right idea, in and out. Thats all it takes. Tomorrow his cardio again so back to try that darn treadmill. I will not let it beat me.

Also think I will be going into the city again or back to DFO in Essendon as Domolition dog has been at it again, Dazza's new sneakers, brought them about 4 weeks ago, yeap, gone to sneaker heaven or at least into Domo's gut anyway. Men, you just can't tell them to shut the bl**dy door. (are you listening Drea?)

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Drea said...

Oh no! demo dog strikes again! Its amazing what they can sink their teeth into isn't it??
I'm the same with fish! I grew up thinking I hated it... and I almost puke standing in a fish shop - yuk the smell, but every now and then someone gets it right with cooking it, and its beautiful.

Love your new look blog!