Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm bored and tired

So I am currently at work, awaiting calls to come in, even though I really don't want them to come but I want the time to fly by.

I recently told Dazza that I want a 'breast enlargement', his normal reply is why, you don't need to do that, but this time he asked what size? Then he told his work mates and discussed sizes with them! I think a large C or standard D, (Kerryn you know what I look like so comments please :0). So Dazza also told me that he thinks Liposuction would be good too as if I removed the fat from my bum and thighs it would make my boobs look proportioned! So I think I will have to go and be 'measured and quoted', I did call and was told approximately $11,000. I think that's OK, lipo is added on to that but I really don't like the thought of the long, sharp instrument being jammed into my body. YUK


Kek said...

Well, there's no such thing as an easy way out. If you get those fat cells sucked out, they're gone for good. But your body can make new ones if you regain body fat, it can end up in some really strange places.

As for boob jobs, I wouldn't do anything if you plan to lose weight. Wait and see what you end up with.

Sue said...


Kek said...

LOL. Well, THEN you can get a boob job! The point is, gaining and losing body fat/muscle alters things a lot, and I wouldn't go having expensive surgery until things are more or less stable.

Actually, I wouldn't do it at all....but that's me. I got down to an A cup and didn't really care. That's what water bras are for. :D