Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Things are going OK on my BFL challenge, my friend at work tells me daily what day we are up to. She is so upbeat, the type of optimism that you can only aspire to, you know who you are :)

Tonight I felt like something a little different and probably over eat with my calories but it was nice. I made Asia@home Laksa. I added a chicken breast and coriander and have enough for another meal. I do think the coconut milk was not lite milk :(

My free day also seemed to go a little overboard. I had my Big Mac meal, microwave popcorn, licorice, nearly a whole packet of Tim Tams, coke and I made chili con carne burritos for dinner. I don't think the dinner was all that bad as the meat had nearly no visible fat and there was no other fat added, it was all rolled by in a burrito with lite sour cream and lettuce. I had that for lunch today also.

I haven't missed a day of exercise at all, although I think that I can increase my weights as I am only lifting light weight. Yesterday when doing lower body I increased the hand weights when doing my squats and I can definitely feel my quads today. I did the treadmill tonight for cardio and can still not run on the treadmill due to the fear of falling factor but am increasing the speed and incline. I can feel it in the quads again with the treadmill and after sitting for a while tonight could feel that I was beginning to stiffen up.

I have reverted back to the not much sleep pattern as Dazza is now using the front door to come in from work after the dogs escaped via his entrance route however tried my best not to blame him. Although the trouble for me now is that the front door is at our bedroom window so I hear him no matter what time he comes home and I am a lite sleeper :( I forgot to buy more of the Valerian tonight when at the supermarket so am really kicking myself but think I will be able to cope for another night at least.

Well I am off to read a few of the other brillant ladies that we have here in blog land.


Livy said...

Do you have a free meal or a free day? I only have 1 tiny free meal a week. So, if I have a chocolate bar, that's it. I have eaten my free meal.
I try and imagine my body screwing it's face up at fat, and saying "Yuck Liv, what are you doing to me!!". Good work on your excercise, you are doing really well! I love laksa!! Especially seafood with big fat prawns!

Kek said...

Well done on the exercise, Sue - that's a great achievement. :)

You know, almost everyone overdoes free days at first - hen you swear you won't do that next time, but guess what? Of course you do! ONe or two free meals might work better for you....

See how things go this week.

I have a laksa recipe somewhere - it's easy. Much nicer than those packaged jobs and you can control what goes into it. Yell if you want it!

Kristy said...

Sue your doing great with all that exercise. It's great when your exercise just becomes part of your routine.

I've had a few of those free meal days as well, but mine used to be free weekends. Now that I'm doing a program with Liz the last 2 weekends have been perfect.

Keep up the great work and you will see the 70's on the scales very soon.