Saturday, July 14, 2007

Something new

Tonight I decided to make some changes .............................. to my hair!

Yes, once again I decided to make some scary, drastic, could have turned out bad decisions. I decided to lighten it. It was only about 3-4 weeks ago since I made it darker with some copper type highlights and cut it all off and tonight I just decided to buy some hair lightener. It worked but I don't know if I want to go lighter. I'm glad that I didn't just trot off to the shop again and buy more, this is what I would normally have done, but I have waited to this morning to decide if I want to lighten it more. Dazza didn't notice the first lot but that's nothing unusual.

I think now I would call it mousy brown. may still go to the shop and buy some high lighters, you can get them in a pen form now so that you don't have any mixing and carry on, just plain and simple draw a line and let it set.

We also have a new Curves Gym opened in Craigieburn so might go down and have a look at that one, have a free pass for 1 visit so might go and do a 'I spy'. I have a gym membership but I love anything for FREE.


Kek said...

So where's the photo of the new do?

Sue said...

New photo's NO way........... I didn't like it so I have now changed it again. Still waiting to wash out the dye. Maybe I will do it again next week with mum and this time use he tipping cap.