Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its been over a week or so

since I wrote in my blog. I haven't really got much to say at the moment really. I stopped taking the Duromine after 2 weeks as I was feeling like crap taking it and I think it also affected my depression although I thought I was through it, taking the duromine seem to put me in a funk. Since then I have been eating allot of crap so really have to get back to basics, I know Kerryn I can hear you ;)

I read an interesting little article in the MX Mag that you can get at the train station on the way home, it went like this:

Splenda, the sweetener used as a sugar replacement, has been linked to weight gain by a study.
It also said it could dampen the effect of some medicines.
The sweetener, which is known generically as sucraiose and made from sugar, is the preferred sugar alternative of millions of dieters while used by top brands to create diet versions of popular products
But US researchers who fed rats different doses of Splenda found the rodents put on more weight than those not fed it.
So don't really know what to make of this, it doesn't state the study name or have a link to where you could locate it to check the facts, another thing that made me think of the results as being deceptive is that it also doesn't state whether the rats were feed NO sugar alternative, sugar or nothing, which of course would lead to the rats gaining weight as apposed to a rat who didn't consume any sugar.

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