Monday, April 30, 2007

Yay Tuesday is day off day!

Well I have made it to day 8, well tomorrow anyway. Tomorrow is offically my day off so can splurge and get take away although Dazza goes to school tomorrow night so might have to wait a long time to get some food.

I have now done 7 days straight of exercise, Kerryn will be impressed, and I'm still motivated. Altough this is not my record for motivation, i think it was 4 - 5 weeks with Kerryn training me. I still haven't weighed myself from the last time that I had Dazza remove the battery from the scales and when I asked for him to replace it for a weigh in today, he refused and told me to wait another week or 2. I guess it makes sense because if I haven't lost anything or not enough by my high standards, I will be back in the fridge no doubt.

I do have to work out some nasty but nice treats I can give myself without blowing the diet because if I do have even something small in the cupboard for a special occassion, you can be sure I will eat it until its gone. Something I will definitely have to work on.

I forgot to mention that the other day I received 3 Usana 'Macro Optimizers' in the mail that I had 'won' through the Beach House Roxburgh Park opening. I'm still a bit scared to eat them, with the little happy pills I'm taking and the carbs/sugar & fat content in them, I just don't know. They have a use by date of 10th may so will have to make my mind up sooner or later.

I'm feeling so good at the moment, I don't know if its from the exercise and diet or just from being content. But while I'm on a roll I'm going with it. I can tell you that staying up late just doesn't cut it anymore. Although in a previous post I said I felt about 22 years old, I'm a 'NANA' when it comes to late nights. So on saying that, its very late for me and I have to get my 'beauty' sleep, let me tell you I need heaps. Have to get Dazza up at 5am so nite nite.


Kek said...

Good work - now do another 7 days straight! :-) Before you know it, you'll have completed several weeks and you'll be feeling (and seeing) the difference.

By the way, I'm a nana too....


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi! Hope you have a relaxing day off!