Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ahhhhh I'm finally here

Tuesday, also known as free day has arrived and I couldn't wait. I have it planed, take away chinese for dinner, lunch was left overs from dinner last night, breakfast was a egg on multigrain toast. So I was going to splurge but not too badly. Well that was the plan. Although it appeared the Gods had other thoughts for me today. It started off so well, get ready for work, go to the car, ooops can't open the car, try everything to get the door open, try the back door, try the passenger door, lean across front seat and try to pull handle, nothing would get the drivers door open! And to boot, I seem to have injured my hip in trying my hardest to get into the car to go to WORK. looking at the muscles above, I would have to say its my rectus femioris that is giving me the trouble. I thought it felt a bit better this afternoon and although I didn't have to exercise on my free day to day, I needed money for tonight when I ordered the chinese and since I couldn't get into my car, I thought l'd walk. Well by the time I got back home I can tell you I can sure feel him again! I must also admit since it was my free day I thought, why am I being so scabby with my free food, so brought my old fav and food group, 'licorise' and kettle chips. After all I am going to be home alone for most of the night tonight as Dazza has school. Whats a free day without some junk right????

So I'm about to pop some panadol and rub some deep heat on so that I'm right as rain to start again tomorrow.


ms_attitude said...

Hi Sue,
I can sympathise with the rectus femoris - mine kept screeching at me when I was doing sprints in my asics.
If you can find a nice tennis ball, get stuck into your thigh with that and do lots of stretching.
Hope you enjoyed your free night.

Sue said...

Thanks Caroline I did enjoy the food but the stress of my car kept me up most of the night, knowing Dazza was outside in all that wind until 2am trying to fix it for me. (big kisses to Dazza).