Saturday, May 26, 2007

Star chart

I have my chart all finished and on the fridge along with the mood guide from WF&H and my before photo. I am up to day 15 so yesterday gave myself a silver star because food was good but no exercise.

Today's Food:

M1: oats, with some splenda, dash of Physical milk. 1 white coffee with splenda
Snack: 2 white coffee's, one with splenda and one with sugar
M2: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup Physical (scrambled eggs) 1 multi grain toast and 1 tomato grilled 2 cups of herbal tea
M3: Mandarine, 10 almonds
M4: Beef, broccoli, cashew stir fry with hokien noodles, 1 herbal tea
M5: Almonds, bag of microwave popcorn and half a bag of Smith's Chips (I know already!), oops forgot Boost icecream :-{
Today's Steps:
Steps: 7440
Km's: 1.934
Calories burnt: 312.4
House work - vacuuming whole house
Walked dogs and ran around oval


Dazza tells me that he took the dogs for a walk yesterday without me, I do believe him but can't understand why Demolition dog is back......................... more corners of the coffee table GONE! WTF????? I really should have done as Karen advised and put Deep Heat on the corners, it won't hurt dogs but will stop them doing the chew on things you would like to keep 'good', but she had been so good, what happened?????


Kek said...

By the way, PLEASE don't suggest selling me on eBay to my husband.... he's already addicted to that site, and is always looking for something else he can sell....

linda said...

I've been thinking that a chart on the fridge might be a good idea too! I seem to start with all good intentions and then fall off after a couple of days

linda said...

Ahh- thankyou Sue, for listing me on your list of bloggers!

Sue said...

Your welcome Linda. Kerryn I'm sure we can work something out .... how much for zzzlady????? Oh an Linda the chart is a great idea, but not so good when your in the lounge and the chart is on the fridge door when the husband comes home with her fav treats :-{

ms_attitude said...

Sabotage by husband....don't you hate that? (oh, sometimes, on cheat night it's okay..)