Friday, May 04, 2007

Watch out for old friends on the phone????

So Wednesday night I got a call from a friend that I hadn't seen in a while to go to her Tuppaware party, and you already know how that goes. The guilt of having a party. Well I was strong and resisted the party push and have only brought some stuff, well $150 worth actually so not just some although it really is only a few pieces. Quite expensive stuff the Tuppaware, considering I actaully sold some on Ebay not that long ago because I didn't actaully use it. I must say there was a water bottle that my fellow fitness freaks would like, as the bottom was removable so you could put a key for say a locker or car, earings, cash or bandaids for Kek (LOL) so you don't need pockets or anything, however at about $27 for a water bottle I couldn't justify it since I have been carrying around a bottle for a few weeks now and have had no problems. Things I brought tonight......................

I also brought some Jacqui E jeans from Ebay, brand new with tags for $27 (tag started $79.95) and they arrived today. Didn't know if they would fit at they are a size 16 and I'm normally into a 18 in jeans but much to my suprise, the size 16, low riders fit. I could even sit down without cutting myself in half! Can't wait to lose a bit more so that I will be completely comfortable in them and when they start to get too big...........

I asked Dazza last night if I even looked like I had lost some weight, as you know I'm not weighing myself, and I don't know if he was just trying to shut me up, but he said 'maybe'. Great, love the confidence that he instills in me. Will be seeing mother in-law tomorrow and she can always see when I"ve lost weight so will wait for her comment.

Well, best be off, well past my bed time and the mumma will be over tomorrow for her normal Saturday visit and will have to have all of my exercise completed before hand. Need to sleep right NOW.

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