Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back on track

I've been pretty good with my food and exercise today, thank goodness. I will be back at work from tomorrow so with that comes more structure. Eating at certain times of the day and all, I think it will be easier to stick to my healthy eating. For the first time I am eager to get back. Hate the job but love structure. I need to be more organised. Food, Exercise and Home.

I have started a new blog which is attached to my blogs list, to be able to keep a diary of everything that goes into my mouth and what exercise I am doing and the steps I'm taking to get myseld out of debt and live the life I want and deserve.

I've been thinking that even though I don't like riding my bike, maybe I should get an exercise bike??? I think that it may help me get used to the seat and then I could go to spin class. I think I don't like it only because my butt hurts but I think thats only because I don't do it enough.

I have also told Dazza that I may not get the car, after all one of my goals is to be debt free, how can I justify spending 20grand on a car that I can't afford. I just have to get the courage to call the car yard to tell them to cancel it. Its not like anything has actually been ordered. Truth be told, we generally live week to week. I couldn't even afford to pay my registration this week! Come on Sue be real with yourself. Don't do it. Just because your credit histroy looks better than before, I know that there is a lot that I owe that isn't on my credit history.

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Kristy said...

Sue I think it's great that you have posted your before photos. I would, but my sister has them on her digital camera and I can't get access to them, but I am going to post week two photos. It helps to be more accountable.