Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh NO!

So I have found that I haven't exercised since Friday, for which all of the reasons I have stated in a previous post so won't bore you. However the last 2 days I have found that the shift I'm on is not very conducive to exercise, by the time I wake in the morning and get my chores done before work, there is no time. When I come out of work, its dark and can't walk then. (I'm a scaredie cat who doesn't like to walk alone in the dark :-( ) I know deep down that its all just excuses and I'll never get anywhere if I keep this up. But maybe jumping on the scales on Saturday in Target did end up effecting me. I just knew that if I did it I would get depressed if I couldn't see a change. Even though the result wasn't conclusive due to the scales giving different results, the fact that one said I was the same, has effected my brain. Dam those scales. I feel like I have to start from the beginning again on day 1. (*frustrated look*)


ms_attitude said...

Hi Sue,
Sounds like you need to refocus on you.
Scales should all be banned....they seriously are mind altering substances!
How are the sea minerals going - apart from tasting disgusting do you feel any better?

Sue said...

Thanks carolin for stopping by, I haven't had the sea minerals in 2 days, too scared of the taste. YUK