Monday, May 14, 2007

Today has been............. great

Today is the first day of my 2 weeks of holidays. I have tidied up the house, drank way to much coffee, anyone for another cup??? Moved the microwave, thought about moving the lounge around before Dazza comes home, don't know, (he says the only place I haven't moved it it is the ceiling.......... can I?) vacuumed, done washing, about to do more washing, then the ironing, called to have the old car in the yard removed tomorrow and might even get 50 bucks for her, oh well for my dad anyways.

I have walked my puppies, and now they are asleep at my feet. What a nice picture. Will take them for another walk before Dazza gets home so that I can practice some knew skills I've taught them today. Will have to go to the pet store an buy another choker chain though for Molly as I am using the other on Becky at the moment. I am being strong and making sure she is not walking in front of me. Its really hard because I am used to treating her as my infant baby but I have to learn that she is a ............ shhh D O G shhhhhhhh. I will get control of these 2 Furbies before they do my head in. I must, I must, I can and I will.

All of this walking and training is also giving me some exercise so that is also good.

Oh and almost forgot to tell the sweet story on our way for our walk. Around the corner form our house is a daycare centre. The kids were all out playing when one of the kids calls, can I pat a dog. Sure I say knowing the Molly the scaredie cat isn't going to by anywhere near the fence, I drag Becky over to be pat through the fence by the child, which turns into all of the kids and the attendant at the centre. I start handing out treats for them to feed Becky through the fence. One by one they all get a go before they are all called in for lunch. maybe this is a way I can get Molly used to people and kids, so will walk them past there a few times a day for the next 2 weeks and hope for the best for poor old scaredie cat Molly.


nice man said...

thank you, tell meOk

Anonymous said...

Hey you, I love your blogg. I expecially love your photos. Your so cute and funny. I love all those movies you choose and the music's a goer girl!!!

Wow a pet groomer. That almost like a hairdresser, just think you will be able to modify the technics a bit and do dazz. Hee hee. If you need any colouring tips just email.

Love Blinkie xx

Debstar said...

I don't know about taking Molly too close to small children. They have a habit of pulling ears & tails. Molly might be scarred for life.

We had a cat that relocated to the neighbours place across the road once my child was mobile & able to pull great clumps of hair out of it.