Thursday, May 03, 2007

Well, thats a nice how do you do

So I went to the chemist tonight to speak with the naturopath that they have there on Thursday nights for free to see if having any of the protein drink supplements would harm me with my medication and I had a bit of a rude awakening. Not that he was rude or anything but he did tell me I looked stress! Like how would he know, he doesn't know me or how I would normally look anyways right? So he then went on to tell me I have a slight problem with my thyroid?? What the, I asked how he could tell and he advised, 'from your left eye', it is protruding more then the right! Well thanks very much then. I asked some more questions like, what else would this effect, this thyroid problem? and he really hit the nail on the head, dry, itchy skin, tiredness, memory and the list goes on, of which it appeared most of them I could tick off.

So the solution??? Sea Minerals. I take 5ml a day, preferably with my evening meal. Let me tell you the measurement of 5ml shouldn't fool you. It tastes like crap. Any more and I would be vomiting it back up. This Sea mineral will also help with muscle growth and weight loss. So after paying out $31.95, I'll try the bottle and let you know what effects if any it has on me. Besides from losing all of my taste buds.

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Kek said...

Thyroids are funny old things - a slight under- or over- performance can affect all sorts of things.

I'll be interested to see how you go with the sea minerals - I'm assuming they contain iodine.