Saturday, May 12, 2007

The photo's re redone

So I have had Dazza take my photo's once AGAIN and will be sending in the forms tonight to start the 12 week challenge yet again. I am on holidays for 2 weeks so am planning on some good strict exercising. I also plan on doing some dog training so that I can become the 'pack leader' once again instead of having these darn dogs leading me and my decisions in life. We have now locked them out of the bedroom as of last night and my sleep was much better, didn't feel like there were 3 sleeping in a queen bed. Previously we had all 5 animals on the bed ans well as dazza and I tryig to get a good night sleep. All I have to do now is train Molly in some way so that she know that the furniture is not her chew toys as she has started to eat our NEW wooden coffee table. Not impressed let me tell you!

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Kek said...

God, they're worse than kids! Hope your sleep improves.