Sunday, May 13, 2007

Isn't it funny

Well today whilst Dazza was sleeping in, as per most weekends, I decided I had better get to the milk bar to get the paper and post my new photo's for the 12 week challenge. Much to my amazement, Dazza must have been woken when I went out the front door. When I got back I got the funniest question. Dazza asked "did you go for a run to the shop?" anyone who knows me knows I can't really run to save my own life. I said NO, but he said, "I could have sworn I saw you running." Well it was sort of running, you see I thought I'd give it a go, probably did a few sprints to get me there but I wouldn't class it as running or even jogging. I did however buy some cones today to take to the park to start doing some sprints. Don't know about 100metre sprints but I will try something to start. My neices, Amy and Chloe kept on asking why I was buying them and I had to keep on explaining that it was for exercise, they looked at me puzzled as the only exercise I used to do was with food and bourban, lift and scoff it was called.


Kristy said...

Good luck with your 12 week challenge. It sounds like you have it all planned out. I have just decided right now that as of this Friday i am going to start another challenge to get my weight and fitness back on track. We can keep each other motivated. Good luck again you can do it :)

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Thanks Kirsty, I think that is a plan, watch your blog for messages of encouragement and chastising when required and I will expect the same in return, just be kind in the chastising as I'm sure I'll need heaps of that :-(