Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My saviour is on her way

So I got a call from my friend Karen the super dog trainer last night ans she is coming over tonight to save my sanity. Not that anyone can really save that along with my viginity I lost it along time ago. But I have no doublt she will help me to get 'demolishion dog' under control. I must say that Molly isn't my only problem when it comes to my dogs as Becky is the noisest dog you have ever heard. As you can see in a lower post, she thinks she is a cat, sitting on top of the couch, so therefore is referred to most commonly as catdog. I tell you she barks at just about every little thing. So this much needed help is long needed. I have decided that it will be easier on me to walk them separately which Karen agrees with, so that will help me also in my exercise quest as I'll need to walk my dogs at least for an hour and a half per day. My plan is to take Becky first for 30 minutes to tire her out before taking Molly for an hour as she is the puppy (12 months) and Becky goes nuts if I take Molly anywhere without her. But my plan is to have her to tired to have to worry that she is at home alone. Go plan huh??? We'll see.

Got my email from Sportz Blitz to tell me my new finish date is 3rd August, so Kirsty you better be on my tail girl! Well better go and start this walking........................ see you in a while


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