Friday, May 25, 2007

I've got a plan

Today after reading a few blogs I noticed, like Kristy, some have charts with the number of days and they reward themselves with Gold Stars when being completely good. I have brought a pack of stars that have Gold, Silver, Blue, Red and Green, so I will have a colour for all occassion, good, bad and ugly ;P
I have called the gym to find out about their new Boot Camp classes, only thing is its $149, not bad for the 6 weeks, 3 mornings per week but me being the biggest scab ever.................. well???? So I will for sure go to an Urban Kick class tonight to get me re-introduced to the gym. I think it will be fun because its a dance class and I used to enjoy dancing and have been thinking lately that if I can do a sport/exercise like dancing then I'll be hooked and maybe become a gym junkie............... yeah right! But its exercise so I'll give it a go.

Didn't make it to gym ................ I have a good reason, went to find out about buying a new car:-}, still can't decide what colour though, I liked the sky blue, black, red & silver

Todays Food:
M1: 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled, 2 white coffee's
M2: Manderine, 2 vita-weat (sandwich size) with cottage cheese and tomato
M3: Manderine, 3 small tringle sandwichs and cup of white tea with equal
M4: mashed potato, peas, chicken schnitzel (dry fried)
M5: 2 vita-weat (sandwich size) with cottage cheese and tomato

I brought one of the trash mag's when buying WF&H and Oxygen and got a free pedometer, this is my results on a standard day, so now I have to better it everyday.
Todays steps:
Steps: 5397
Km's: 1.403
Calories burnt: 226.6

I firstly have to get through a funeral today, my friend Cathy's grandfather passed away on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. I'm sure he would have been met at the pearly gates by his wife, daughter and son. God Bless.


Debstar said...

RED - Sue - RED
Fast women drive red cars

Sue said...

Just what I was thinking :P

Kek said...

You're so funny.... you bak at spending $70 on whey protein, but you're going to buy a NEW CAR?

Kek said...

That should have been BAULK.... damn laptop keyboard! Wah! I want my desk back...

Sue said...

I know I'm a funny person when it comes to spending money but still unsre about the car, I will however buy protein powder, I think that its the less of 2 evil's, $70 verses $17299..........