Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm just sooo tired

I can tell you after my free day yeserday, although I did go fot a walk and paid for it later with my poor hip, I can feel the exercise tonight already, as if i haven't exercised in a while. I must admit its been 2 days since doing weights and I have increased the reps a bit but poor by the end tonight I was glad it was over. I have started on splits with week so tonight started with legs & shoulders and also some cardio so I went for a brisk 25 minute walk after my weights. Lucky i didn't do it the other way around because the way I'm feeling I probably wouldn't have gotten to the weights.

Since my car played up yesterday and Dazza had to fix it when he got home from school, which I might add wasn't until 9.45pm, I was a little stressed about getting into my car today to go to work, so therefore it kept me up last night with the stress. This morning I couldn't even think about food as when I'm extrememly tired I feel really sick, so the weat bits came out at 10.40am for morning tea. Even dinner tonight was a chore to eat after my exercise, not to mention I still have to do the dishes and make my lunch with my left over dinner cause I couldn't be bothered eating it. I don't know is it just me or is eating after a work out not your fav thing to do????

Early to bed tonight and then I might get to break up my weights and cardio. Yay

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