Friday, May 18, 2007

Not another paint brush please

So today I went back to mum's to do more painting, don't know why I thought it was a good idea to volunteer for that one?? Oh that's right, she helped paint my whole house and I am thinking I might like to do some more painting in the future so best help her to have her help me. There is method to my madness. I think it turned out pretty good, we have done the bathroom, toilet and laundry. All we have to do now is the kitchen and the lounge room. Even though these are larger rooms, they will be easier as we won't be in cramped small rooms. I really feel for Kerryn now, we don't have nearly as many paint cans as she has on her blog.

I'd like to say thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding my brother in-law Jeff, Dazza didn't realise yesterday and I only told him when he got home from work. Although he did tell me that he had a crap day yesterday and wondered why? Intuition I guess.

I must also say that it appears that Demolition Dog has settled down with the exercise, thank God, although we didn't walk today due to the RAIN! I know we need it but I'm trying to accomplish something here people. Anyway, tomorrow again is another day.

Oh today I received my free copy of WF&H, actually I received 2 copies since I have restarted the challenge, both the same copies with Debra Messing on the cover. I really like Debra messing actually, I loved Will & Grace, can't get enough.


Kek said...

Ah, get the NEW WH & F, there's someone way cooler than Debra Messing in it.


Sue said...

Thats fine for you to say, cause its you! But my newsagency has gone to hell and they don't sell it anymore, or any good mags anymore, change of management........ I have to look long and hard for the mag and most of the time its full of the same crap as every other month. But for your article I will go and find a copy ;-)