Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tough day today

Today I'm having a tough time, don't know why, just am. I haven't really eaten much or drank that much for that matter. I have decided to cook roast pork for dinner so that's going to be bad, I have made the crackling so you know I'm gunna be bad. I have taken the puppies for their walk this morning but really should take them for more of a walk tonight but I just can't be bothered. I've been to mum's to do painting, unfortunately my great niece and nephew hadn't left yet so we have to make sure that they didn't end up covered in paint. Fun.


Actually I think I know why I'm down today................ today is the anniversary of my brother in-law Jeff's death. It makes me so sad because I feel like people don't take the time to mourn him the way I do. I know I can't expect others to feel the same as me and I'm sure that they do feel it in their own way. Poor Dazza may not know that its the anniversary and I'm to worried to remind him. I'm sure he mourns him everyday. I haven't been tot he cemetary today, its something that I normally do on the anniversary but not today. I think I will just say a little prayer at home today. This is the first year that I haven't gone, I think I will end up just punishing myself if I don't go, so will have to make the time to go tomorrow before mum's for more painting.


Got my course stuff in the mail yesterday, a little disappointed in it but I've paid now so going to get my monies worth. Was going to complete another 4-5 courses throgh them but not sure now. They sent me a video, whats with that, a video, don't they know that people use DVD's now. I will have to buy a video player just to watch it or have it transferred onto a DVD!


ms_attitude said...

Cheer up babe, know where you're coming from on the mourning/anniversary things...
it's the anniversary of my mum's death tomorrow - 2 years. Hope it's not raining at dawn so I can head down to Sandon Point where I scattered her ashes to set some rose petals away for her.

and hey, there's no such thing as 'bad' food. Pork's great for you, full of vitamins and minerals - loads of protein. So what, a little crackling never killed anyone. Just go easy on the spuds! :-)

and hey, you paid for the course, call them and complain about the video thing!

Kristy said...

Hey Sue, I hope your feeling better today. It must of been hard yesterday for both of you. Keep your chin and maybe go for a walk in the fresh air. That sometimes makes me feel better.