Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not much today

Today I haven't got a great deal to share. I did have an old car removed from my yard which was good to get rid of. Dad even let me keep the 50 bucks which was a bonus. I brought ink refills for printer, actually spent $80 on ink which I was quite proud to admit as its enough to refill our colour and black cartridges about 30 times in total making them about $2.75 each. Better than the standard $30 per pop. Again took the dogs for a walk, once only today, my hands are starting to hurt from the pulling that I'm trying to stop! *frustrating* But I will get there, I'm the 'pack leader', might even buy myself that t-shirt. But probably won't as I'm the biggest scab that there is. Thats why I'm proud to have brought the ink, normally I would just walk away and we would have no ink for months but I could hear Dazza in my ear saying' just buy the dam thing'. Actually I brought a few more things today including a soccer ball to kick around down at the oval. Thought it could double as exercise for me as well as the dogs. I had actually gone tot he store to buy weight gloves as I thought that they could double as gloves when I walk the dogs, but came home with everything except the gloves. Brought more toys for the dogs so that Molly will stop eating my furniture. She has already destructed the double ended tennis ball thing I brought yesterday, chewed right through one of the tennis balls. Lucky it was just $2.50. Tomorrow is another day.

Went to the beauty salon to be pampered today, although it didn't feel pampered at the time since it was all waxing. But tomorrow I'll be happy. For not having much to say I have written quite a bit. Now to have some ice cream. I am on holidays afterall.

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