Thursday, May 24, 2007

What to do

Today I thought long and hard about protein powders, emailed Kerryn to get some advice. She's a great help I tell you, we should bottle that lady and sell her on Ebay. Only joking Kerryn, wouldn't get enough for you on Ebay, it would have to be Christies of London. LOL

So the only thing holding me back is the $$$$$$ , as I have previously stated, I am the biggest scab I know. Have also looked at Horley's Sculpt, which I have had before and didn't mind, as I'm not the biggest fitness freak, I think the EAS 100% Whey might just be wasted on me. Will have to think about it some more. Also thought about L-Glutamine which was advised to use powders not tablets/capsules but I am a big sook and don't like the taste of the powders. I have Musashi'sBCAA's oral powder form but don't use it as I can't get over the taste. So its all so hard, maybe too hard.


Debstar said...

Have you tried L-Glutamine with juice? I find it goes down easier that way, but then again I don't think it has that much of a taste, it's just the grittyness of the stuff I don't like.
As for the protein powder...bugger the expense it works!

ms_attitude said...

Have you looked at you could just mix up a shake with berries or something... I'm going to try them out next

Kristy said...

Hi Sue

I know protein powders are expensive as I've just had to order another two yesterday from, but when you work out the cost per serve it works out pretty cheap. I'm using the EAS 100% Whey with oats for breakfast and I don't even use a full scoop so 900g has lasted me since Feb and I still have a little bit left @ $39 approx not bad and Ladybird crunch for morning tea, which doesn't last as long, but is so good with yoghurt i don't mind the expense. Then at the moment I'm using Top Nutrtion Iced Coffee which is great as not very sweet, for afternoon tea, but once that runs out I'm going to try the Eas 100% whey in a shake. You could eat protein rich foods, but it works out about the same if not more expensive then the powders. Also do you have a yoghurt maker? I love mine and it works out so cheap per serve.

Hope all this helps Sue and best of luck working it out :)

Kek said...

Sue, I just sent you an email about cost per serve, which is far more important than what the container costs.

It's false economy to buy weeny amounts of protein, unless you're just trying something new to see if you like it. I know it hurts to part with large amounts of cash, but like Deb, I figure good-quality protein is worth it.