Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm buggered

Today we decided to do a tip run, not too much to be rid of but the aftermath was big. After the tip we went to Kmart so that I could enlarge my before photo for the fridge, got another 2 copies so that I can place them in the house somewhere. Dazza was getting impatient with me because I couldn't decide how big I wanted to make them (I'm the biggest scab I know).

Dazza wanted to go to Mitre 10 to get some wood to make a home for his new pet, it goes like this. You see not that long ago I thought I might buy another 2 puppies so that I could breed them. (stupid I know) But Dazza agreed as long as he could get his new pet................ a 'snake'. WTF. So he has brought some timber to start to make the enclosure. My only stipulation, it is remaining in the garage. No snakes in the house, Thank you! So even though I am not acquiring 2 new dogs, the snake is still coming!

Getting back to why I'm buggered. Once we got back home we decided to clean up the yard. I did my doggy dodo dance to clean up all of the 'waste' and then Dazza mowed the lawn. I also did a cat dodo dance today as the cat next door has started crapping on my garden bed, near the gas and electricity meter. Dam cat, know its not from my cats as we have kitty litter x 2 in the house and they use it. Anyway, diverted a bit again, then we pulled all the weeds along the fence line, fixed the back fence where it is falling down and the neighbour can't afford to go halves in a new one. Cleaned the weeds in the front, got Dazza to mow the nature strip, much to his disgust. Then I made him come with me to walk the dogs and throw Frisbee down the oval for Demolition dog. Took some pictures but it was getting dark so have had to modify them. Its been really good this last week after my visit from Karen my dog trainer, with the continuous walks Demolition dog seems to be settling done. It is so true about exercising your dog.


Back to mum's tomorrow for another round of painting, this time the kitchen. I am truly a good daughter.


Weighed myself today and I'm the same, 84 kilo's, have taken measurements but I know that my food intake this week hasn't been the best, some days I don't feel like eating and then when I do, I make bad choices. Water intake low as well so need to pick up my game. I do think however, even though I am not going to the gym or doing weights, the painting must be going me some sort of workout, right?????

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Kek said...

Aargh, painting! I swear, NEVER again!

It always looks so good once it's done though....