Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I forgot about the pain side of a workout :-( but as Kerryn would say ' a good sort of pain' as if there is anything of the such thing! So the toliet and seats are not my friend today, mental note to self, once sitting, remain sitting. So there is only 3 breaks throughout my working day so will pace myself. Today's exercise is a 35 minute swin non stop so will stop at the gym on my way home to complete that leg of the challenge, lucky I haven't cancelled the membership yet.

Food is always going to be a challenge for my as when I watch tv I always head for the snacks. You might say, don't watch the tv but I love my tv. I actually eat as something to do as well, so when I'm bored I eat, when I'm stressed I eat, you name it I always have something close by. This is the thing I need to stop. It's funny cause I know I'm not hungry. I will even go as far as eating my dinner, know that I am stuffed but 30 minutes later, cause I'm watching tv I reach for something else. Dumb dumb dumb!!!! I know what your saying.......tv comes up alot there but I love my 'week night' tv, could care less on the weekend as there is nothing on I like, however this week we are getting Foxtel so that will be fixed. I guess knowing that I have this 'problem' I will be more aware and set a mini challenge for myself to conquer it.

Mini Goal - no food whilst watching tv for next 2 days.
Mini Goal - drink at least 1 litre of water at work

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