Saturday, June 26, 2010

its here

Sorry forgot to post when my new treadmill got here. Its in the lounge room and not much room to take a photo, not that I could post it anyway as this sinking computer doesn't have a slot for my memory card and you don't think I know where that dam cable is....

So far I have walked on it along with my dog Miss Becky. Miss Molly and Master Humphrey are sick scared of it which is kinda funny to see. As soon as I turn it on Humphrey starts making funny noises, thought it might have been my choice of music but pretty sure its the treadmill.

I received my copy of the Dukan Diet which I am reading at the moment and after Monday's work dinner will be on it.

Talking about work, boy its been hectic. I will be full time as of Monday so no longer doing the part time thing. I've been placed on help line and Friday before last was approached about looking at my future with the company! So a little talk that night with my TL, I was advised of a few roles coming up, Acting TL and 2IC's, I thought they meant 2IC but in actual fact they did not, that meant Acting TL! Me a TL, I would have to be acting to pull that off LOL. So I have thrown my hat in the ring, they are being really cryptic about it, with wink winks and "secrets" that I'm unsure if it is a sure thing or not, I don't want to get it just because they like me but because I would be best for the job. I was really confused as the head TL which I don't get a buddy buddy vibe with is the one that approached me so I'm kinda confused.

We'll see I'm sure probably by the end of the next week I'll know what's happening or there just might be more wink winks, what ever they mean, maybe she has something wrong with her eye.........

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Chelle said...

Hooray for the treadmill. I hope it is placed right in front of a TV that you can watch while you walk. That would be awesome.

Good luck on going full time. I hope you enjoy it. I am sure the pay increase will be very welcome.

Also good luck on the diet. I hope that you are successful int hat endevor as well.

Good luck with everything this week!