Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wasting my time

What's with all of these doctors wasting my time?

Last November I took the day off work, no pay, to go and have my breast examined at the breast clinic at the local hospital after waiting a few months for an appointment since something showed on my ultrasound. Turns out that the doctor was looking at the year before ultrasound! So there was no reason to even go to the hospital that day if the GP had just looked at the date on the results he had.

Thursday, again I took the day off work, no pay, to go and wait at the Women's hospital to get this fibroid and left tube issue looked at. The doctor there explained the results from the ultrasound and states that it doesn't mean anything! The fibroid is just the change in ultrasound sound waves, some being higher pitch than some other spots. The left tube, lets see, let me put it in the way he said it to me.
You see, like me you are carrying a little extra {points to midriff} so they probably just couldn't see it that day as it may have been to the back!
So now he has referred me to a private clinic as it would take too long to get a ultrasound through the hospital with all the waiting periods. The public system, you have got to love them. So after waiting for an hour for a 10 minute consult, I have to see an another doctor in a private clinic costing approx $150 which is OK I guess as this is the same doctor that I will probably use to be out 'technician' (USA's doctors term) for our overseas FET. He should be able to do the ultrasound in his office instead of sending me else where but it means time off again. Lucky I seem to be loved at work at the moment, which leads me onto my news on the work front.

It appears that I will become full time in a matter of about another week or so. In the last 2 weeks I was asked to be 1 of 4 people on the helpline, so when a consultant doesn't know what or how to do something they call on me and I will step then through it. Not bad for being there for under 12 months I thought. This has happened after i have applied for the quality assurance assistant role which I also got but are yet to actually do. Friday morning after my wasting of time at the hospital I was approached again by the head team leader, which went like this

TL - Hi
Me - Hi - nervously - don't feel all that comfortable with her for some reason
TL - I would like you to think about what direction you would like to take in this company
Me - ur, ok
TL - I have noticed over the last week that you have allot of potential
Me - thanks
TL - I have plans for you and I'm going to be really pushing you
Me - mmm ok

OK after that interaction I was a little miffed. In the last week she has seen potential, what about the last 8 months! Anyway after I got over that, felt like it was a backhanded compliment but that's the way I think, I thought I should speak to my team leader as I wasn't sure which direction they were thinking about and if it was going to be something I would be interested in. I had already seen a new position advertised for Learning and Development Training Assistant that I was thinking about applying for. I couldn't get hold of my team leader all day, then in the last 30 minutes of my day I got her. We were going to meet after I finished for a few minutes to talk about it. Then of course the head TL muscled in on my time, so I went and clocked off, went to the bathroom and went back, my team leader motioned for me to come down now and go into the back office to talk about it. Low and behold the head TL was also in there. Dam, I didn't want to talk with her in there, I don't feel like I can express myself properly. Anyway, nothing I could do about that at the time. So the conclusion?

There are going to be changes, they are going to put out expressions for an acting TL and for there to be permanent 2IC's for each team leader. They want me to apply, I asked if she saw me as a 2IC, I haven't been one, seems the next stepping stone right? All the head TL would say is that she wants me to 'aim high', I take that she wants me to apply for acting team leader! Does that sound like it to you too?

So on Monday they are going to get me to start doing all of the teams stats, walk around and talk to the team members about their individual stats, then on Wednesday start to do the payroll. I have not done any of these things. They have shown others how to do this already, why have they pointed me out now? Surely the one that have been trained would be better choices for team leader or 2IC, it would be less training for them to do. Don't get me wrong, I am flattered and really chuffed that they think I am doing such a good job. I know I can do it but I have done the same job for ever without anyone at all of the other call centres ever thinking I could do this, why now? it probably pays to be in a smaller call centre like where I am now I guess. And to think I was devastated when I was sacked from the other call centre! What would happen if this new job new that I was sacked.....

This has turned into a really long post, sorry :|

Oh and no flash dance pictures at the moment as I can't download onto this computer, its so old that it has no slots for memory cards :{ can you believe it!

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Chelle said...

The public health care system sounds like crap. I would be so incredibly angry, especially to waste so much time on something that is nothing.

Great news about the job! I hope it comes with a pay increase too. That should help a lot with a donor cycle. :)