Monday, May 05, 2008

What you see when your out (& don't have a gun)

So I went out as usual with mum on the weekend for our shopping but it turned into going to the movies. We went to see Nim's Island which wasn't that great and I ate a whole mid size popcorn to myself. Popcorn is my weakness. Afterwards of course I needed the bathroom, those huge Cokes from the movies are just too big. Well anyway, on the way out of the bathroom, mum wanted to weigh herself. As I have stated before my scales are on the blink so couldn't weigh myself at home. Mum tells me, get on I have change I want to get rid of. Great! Shoes, jumpers and all, what does it tell me. 91.5 kilos and 172 cms tall (hello I am not 172cm but 170cms) Your OVERWEIGHT. Thanks for that insight. Mum jumps on and is 79.5 kilos, oh good she says, I've put on some weight! You see for no reason at all, my has been losing weight steadily for the past couple of months. Not that it would kill her but it is a puzzle, well not really since she doesn't eat that much really. She loves her iced coffee but drinks heaps of water too. Anywho, I really didn't need to know that I weigh 91.5 kilos (my heaviest ever) although I do not know whether to believe this digital scale outside of the ladies toilet. I choose not to believe.

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Kek said...

Your mother is obviously one of those speak-before-you-think types, Sue. :o( Family can say really hurtful things sometimes, and be completely oblivious to it.

Sometimes I'm left scratching my head and wondering WHAT they were thinking....

As for your weight - remember that clothes and shoes can weigh 2-4kg, and assuming you've been eating and drinking normally, you could have added an extra couple there, compared to your first-thing-in-the-morning weight.

Love the post title. One of my favourite sayings.