Sunday, April 24, 2011

So yesterday I went and got my first ever tattoo.

I won't lie, it was painful but well worth it I think.

It is a dragonfly which is symbolism of myself and renewal in attitude and life changing, as well as dream catcher, of course we are always chasing dreams, whether that's, weight loss, the house of your dreams or the holiday you've always wanted, if you aren't dreaming then you might as well give up on living, and lastly the 10 stars, which symbolise the 110 embryos a special family have donated to the husband and I.

The huband also went and got himself a tattoo which is for his brother who died in his arms, it isn't finished yet so won't post a picture as yet until its coloured in.

So there you go, finally we have the tattoo, was thinking about having 'DREAM' and 'BELIEVE' on each wrist. Still thinking about that for now.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

It is really lovely. I'm hoping to get one someday. I just can't make up my mind what I want.:)

Chelle said...

That is so cool. It turned out really great. hopefully it doesn't still hurt. It always makes me laugh when they wrap the new tattoos in cellophane. lol