Sunday, April 10, 2011

Treatment info

So although we know we are coming to the States for the embryo adoption, I haven't really talked much about the treatment and transfer....

  1. We will be starting with a blood test and ultrasound to check my ovaries and lining (possibly here in Australia or in the States) on the 26th August

  2. then if we aren't already in the States we will fly over and go to the clinic on the 31st August - on this day we have our first shot of Delestrogen injection

  3. on the 3rd Sept next Delestrogen shot

  4. 7th Sept next appointment with the doctor/clinic, another shot of Delestrogen

  5. 10th Sept - Delestrogen shot

  6. 14th Sept - Delestrogen shot

  7. 16th add 1cc Progesterone shot

  8. 17th 2cc Progesterone daily and Delestrogen

  9. 18/19/20th 2cc Progesterone

  10. 21st Delestrogen and TRANSFER -back to hotel and rest for 2 days

  11. 30th Sept first PREGNANCY TEST

  12. 4th Oct second PREGNANCY TEST

Daily I am taking Pregnancy Platinum vitamins and Folic Acid supplements

Our clinics web pages has success rates based on the egg donors age, since our egg donor was under 35 at the time of conception of the embryos, their success rate is 48%. I hoping that this will be a good vibe for us, especially with all that has happened this week with everything falling into place.

I am really excited to receive 'the husbands' passport early this week and then our international drivers licenses, next to apply for our Visa waiver (have to wait for the other passport).

We are on our way babies, only 4 and a bit months left before we fly out to meet you.....


Kristy said...

Wow how exciting Sue :) I really hope verything goes smoothly for you both.

Anonymous said...

I so glad everything is fallling in place.

Frankie said...

thinking of you, sending positive thoughts for success! xxx

Chelle said...

I bet it is so awesome to have a plan nailed down. It seems so far away, yet it will be here before you know it.