Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick catch up

So some surprising things happened today....

I was moved positions in the call centre from consultant and help line to the administration team. Is it a good thing or not? This is yet to be seen. The person who was in the role, I believe was walked out the door just this week. I missed it completely. The call centre manager 'highly' recommended me, the group team leader highly recommended me, do they just want me out? My new team leader, well I have nick named her a long time ago as 'thee who walks in the clouds', she is really tall and doesn't seem to see anyone under her nose. I think she has only spoken to me only once in the tea room when I was with my previous team leader and then only today when she came over to chat about starting in her team tomorrow. I was a little worried about telling others in the call centre, you see they had applied for the roles previously and there was a reason why none of them got the role, this time, I hadn't even applied and I have it!

The other thing that happened today was about finding things out that are plain as the nose on your face, but you just seem to miss them. A really good friend and work colleague today surprised me with the fact that she couldn't afford to get presents for her children this year. I knew that she has financial issues, but I still didn't put 2 and 2 together until she walked back into the call centre teary eyed. It appears another colleague had asked about what she was getting her kids, when she heard, she had a discreet chat with our team leader. What was the result? Our management team decided to purchase Christmas gifts for the children as well as give her vouchers for the supermarket, for the movies and meals for the trip to the movies. It has really renewed my faith in humanity.

Mum is still really ill. She has gotten another illness while still in hospital, she is down and really flat. It worries me allot but I understand that I can not make her better myself however I will tell the doctors when I see something that I don't like in her care, after all, I know my mum and they do not know when she is off colour, if her speech isn't quite right, when she is speaking gibberish which indicates to me when she is really ill and possibly should be back in ICU. The count still is 4 blood clots, she has a filter in place now but the fact that she can not walk properly and doesn't look like it is going to improve any time soon. Mum will be released into rehab instead of just going home. Dad, he is being as stubborn as normal, he has his next operation on the 12th of January, hopefully after that he will feel as good as gold.

Christmas shopping for both 'the husband' and I are finished and tonight I finished with mum's Christmas shopping. Now I have to wrap everything, this I am not looking forward to. I will work all next week and then prepare for the 23 visitors we will have to the house of the course of the day, hopefully mum will be home to share it with us. I'm pretty sure that they will allow her home at least for the day. I'm also not looking forward to all of the cooking.

This year we changed our Christmas decorations, 'the husband' thought that silver was the colour this year, so all new deco's had to be brought along with a change in colours of the dinner plates, napkins and the like, its allot of work changing your full colour scheme but it looks like we have succeeded.

Well I think that I am all typed out for now, I'm looking forward to trying to read everyones blog, I apologise for not keeping up and commenting on all your blogs.


Lanie Painie said...

Wow! What an eventful few days!

I wish for the best for your parents. It's no fun having all that extra responsibility and worry over the holidays. Be kind to yourself and know your limits, people will understand.

Congrats on the new job :)


Debstar said...

I hope the move for you is a good one. I have worked in admin. and let me tell you it beats working in other areas hands down. Then again it all has a lot to do with co-workers, they can be great or make your life miserable.

Hope your mother gets better for Christmas.

Kristy said...

Thats beautiful, what your management team did for your collegue. I wish I knew how to help just a few people this xmas. It must be the hardest time of th eyear for many people.

I hope your new role works out Sue :)

Chelle said...

Congrats on the promotion! That is great news!

Doesn't it feel good to do something good for children at Christmas who would have otherwise had to go without? They will remember that for the rest of their lives.

Sorry to hear your mom is still not feeling well. It is good that you are there to be an advocate for her to help her get the care she needs. Hopefully she will start to feel better soon.

Good luck with all of your Christmas preparations. This time of year is so fun, but it is also so stressful. Enjoy the holidays!

littlezen said...

Congrats! on the promotion! Have a wonderful holiday!