Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm back

Only because I can't visit my mum until tomorrow :(

So what has been happening? Not much really, same old same old, mum has been moved to rehab where she still is not very happy not to be home but its 1 step closer to home.

Work has been work, not all that happy in the new role, but will give it more time before asking to move back to the old role. Most people in my original area would be biting at the bit to get into this role because they don't have to talk on the phone or deal that much with people but I love helping and teaching people new things and interacting with others.

My weight has just about stayed the same which is better than it going up I guess.

Christmas was held at our place again, we had the full spread and everyone had a great day. I gave 'the husband' a leather reclining massage chair and a new mobile phone, he gave me a xBox 360 Kinect, of course to help my weight loss, except everyone except me was using it on Christmas day but we all got a good laugh in.

The day after Christmas a good few of us came down with a stomach bug, all courtesy of a very ill great niece, who threw up on me as she entered the house, so like flies, we dropped, mum in rehab at about 6pm, started throwing up, 'the husband' at 10pm and me following at 4am, I called around to the family members and another 5 had it! Great. So still a little gurgley at the moment but definitely on the mend.

I've emailed Allan again to join the world of the living back on track so hopefully my weight will more further down in the new year and I will be a happy camper.

On a sadder note, 'the husband' doesn't think he will be able to have time off to go to the US with me for our treatment, I'm hoping that will change or we may have to delay a little, I really don't want to be in a another country on my own, conceiving our baby, all by my self and be away for up to a month. Not much fun for either of us, its a country 'the husband' has always wanted to visit since he was a young child, it seems cruel that I would go without him. Fingers crossed it works out.

Anyway, off to wake 'the husband' and get his arse to work now.

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Polar's Mom said...

Glad to have you back-but sorry to hear about your tummy. That SUCKS!

Glad to hear your Mom is in rehab, albeit miserable, on the mend...

Polar's Mom