Thursday, December 30, 2010

I read too many blogs!

I can't believe how many blogs I have in my blog role! Especially the diet/fitness side.

How can I truly read and digest all of this information when I can hardly write my own blog? I don't know but I just do. I have to have plenty of quiet which is why its soo good to do on a Sunday morning before everyone (meaning dogs, cats and 'the husband') are rousing from their lazy sleep in.

What did I get up to yesterday? Well I decided to paint our side fence, then we decided to buy some stones to go in front of the fence, put some planters in and some screens. So now I am awaiting delivery of the volcanic rock we have ordered, we will put in some pavers we already have to sit the planters on. I'm a bit sun burnt from the painting yesterday but I want to continue down the fence line and get more done. I can't find the camera so can't share photo's, will have to wait until its all finished.

Its going to be hot tomorrow, New Years Eve, finally. We will have a BBQ here with 'the husband's' family then head over to one if his sister's friends places who has a salt water pool to have a quite dip and be home for the puppies before all the craziness of the New Year's fireworks.

Did I tell you that we all got sick at Christmas? Just found out my sister was also sick, the only one who wasn't was my brother? Strange. Dad has been hit hard, he still has it, I went down to see him last night, poor bastard, but its a good weight loss diet I guess if we are looking for an upside :


Lanie Painie said...

I'm so glad you're still around. I haven't gotten through my whole blog roll for a long time and usually read backwards, from the most recently posted.

Hope you feel better!

Polar's Mom said...

Oooh YAY-post a pic when you are done!

Polar's Mom

Brett said...

So, so jealous it's your summer. I love Austraila. I was in Sydney a million years ago, visiting a friend of mine who moved there.

You got some awesome looking blokes over there :-)