Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sciatica, sciatica, sciatica

What a pain in my arse!

So Monday night I will be off to have a CT scan done, I do hope that there is something there that will indicate how to fix this pain. I am such a sook I swear but this pain in my right is ridiculous. I find it really hard to sit for long and when your job is to be on your arse all day hooked to a computer and phone, well forget about it.

I did go for the interview yesterday although had to pump up on pain killers to get there, I don't know how I went, feel like I talked around in circles, had an Asian guy interview me which I could hardly understand. The original receptionist was also there, she had been the receptionist for the past 11 years! She will be moving to be EA, so will still be looking over my shoulder. They tell me that they take 280 calls a day and there is only 1 receptionist! I would have thought that with those volumes of calls there would be need to 2 people on reception especially as they do not have auto queue but 10 incoming lines. Anywho, we will cross that bridge when/if it gets here.

Also received an international job offer which I am considering taking as a Customer Service Rep for an company that is called Optimal Billing Corp, has anyone heard of them? This is part of the second email I received.

Optimal Billing Corp. is the leading service provider of local payment
solutions for international businesses. Our expertise in electronic
payment methods for CNP (Customer Non-Present) businesses such
as internet, mail, telephone order is greatly valued by clients from
a wide range of industries such as travel, ticketing, retail, publishing,
portals, telecommunications, online games and digital content.
Our platform enables the rapid and efficient introduction of new merchants,
distributors, services and products, instantly bringing interactive commerce
services to the entire subscriber base. It also lowers operational costs by
leveraging existing investments in infrastructure, while providing the operator
with an advanced, unified, comprehensive and business-driven infrastructure
capable of delivering all existing and future payments, promotions and
electronic recharging services.
In general, our billing platform represents very flexible Internet payment
system that accepts almost every e-currency and transaction method.
It allows customers and users to perform any kind of transfer from one
money system to another in no time. This system enables our customers
to broaden the variety of accepted payment methods, to reduce the transaction
time and to make the whole payment operation highly secured.
For example, our billing platform allows performing a direct exchange
from PayPal to Western Union or from Western Union to bank account.
Money can now be sent from one system to another in no time. Also it lets
customers to provide the person-to-business transfers for every user, when
other systems provide the person-to-person transfers only.
To learn more about Optimal Billing Corp. and our billing platform,
please visit our web site: WWW.OPTIMALBILLING.COM
Optimal Billing Corp. is located in SWEDEN and needs customer service
representatives worldwide. Today our Australian customers require specialists
to manage our billing platform and to assist users. So CSR will be an official
employee of one of the telecom operator that we serve.
Today our company serves several large telecom operators in Australia (
Austarnet, Telstra
). Optimal Billing Corp. will provide you with the 20 days
training course that would be sufficient to start working in one of these companies.
We guarantee this immediate employability after the training period.
Main responsibility will be to provide assistance with the billing platform
to current telecom operator. CSR's accountability will be to instruct users,
to provide the current statuses of their operations in the system and to be ready
to answer on any general question about the platform.
Candidate will get all necessary knowledge and experience during the training.
NO previous experience with our platform or alternative systems is required.
What do you think? I don't have to send them money, I was a little suspicious that I would be conned but if I'm not sending them money and they are paying me for my training which I do from home for 4 weeks at my leisure ($500 per week for training), and the salary is $36000 for part time and $50000 for full time. Part time is 5 hours her day I believe and would be working for a company here like Telstra. I don't know if I can ring Telstra to find out if they do use this billing system but a girl at my current employer used to work for Telstra and told me she recognises the name. I don't know, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Santino Thokgor Gor said...

my interesting to work with Optimal Billing Companies as permanent person worker

Kek said...

Sounds like a scam, Sue.... do they need your bank account details?

I'd ring Consumer Affairs and ask if they know anything about this mob before giving them any info. You could also talk to someone at Telstra...

Check out this link:

Often, scammers use a business name that's very similar to a legitimate business, so people think "oh, I've heard of them".

It doesn't hurt to make some enquiries - then if it all checks out, go for it.

Anonymous said...

Careful, careful....they have dumped their internet site after I took them to task yesterday. If it smells like a fish, it is usually a fish.