Sunday, March 16, 2008

In hiding

As I write this post, I am in hiding. Hiding from my hubby who is attempting to sweep and mop the floor! I had told him that since my back was playing up and he wanted that dam puppy who makes a lot of mess that he was going to have to help me out. So after waiting until the very last minute, he is attempting to mop. I'm staying well away from him, I have seen him already move the kitchen chairs from the dining room to the lounge, to behind the lounge, next they will be out the front door. But I know better than to lend a hand or offer some support, I will have my head bitten off in a matter of seconds. So I sit here hiding.

I guess this gives me time to update on whats been happening. My osteo thinks that I am making good progress with my wrist, I'm doing some strengthening exercises at the moment. She also thinks I should attend as a private patient to have my back and foot looked at and also gave me good advise as did Kerryn about the critical care plan so that I don't have to pay out of pocket to much. I have my CT scan tomorrow night and am getting very sick of attending the doctors, I even told him that. I hear that weight management helps a lot with this sciatica problem so have started back on the 'healthy' eating, you know more of the veg and chicken, not that I wasn't doing that before but I was probably having too much of it. Exercising is still out at the moment due to the back, the foot and the wrist but at least I can control what goes into my mouth. I had even taken to eating whole family blocks of 'fruit and nut' chocolate, for a girl who doesn't eat chocolate, that's a wake up call. Not to mention the 2 bags of chips for $4 that seems to be the go over here, and I have been taking them up on them to. I buy Dazza the Salt and Vinegar because I don't like them, that is until I finish mine anyway, hence the 90.5kilos that I am at the moment.

Anywho, more pain killers required before bed. Chao

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