Monday, March 24, 2008

First walk down

So last night we started taking the dogs for a walk. Dazza actually got his bike out and attempted to take both dogs with him, Molly (aka Demolition Dog) and the new Mr Humphrey B Bear. of course it was never going to happen, 2 dogs at a time, of course it could if you also wanted a trip to the hospital with gravel grazing, so I took Miss Becky and Mrs Humphrey one way and Dazza took Miss Molly another way. All was good until we met up half way and Humphrey wanted to go with Miss Molly, after allot of tugging and changing of the lead, Humphrey was back on his way. As for Dazza and Miss Molly, we have success. A new way to tire out Miss Molly! Will have to get a photo next time.

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Kek said...

How's your week been, Sue?