Friday, June 01, 2007

Today is a day of mixed emotions

I'll start with my sad stuff first.................. today is the anniversary of the death of my beloved Shelby, she died 12 months ago today from a brain tumor that we didn't even know she had. It was really quick as we awoke to her falling all over the place and thought maybe a stroke. Our worst fear wasn't the case when we got her to the vet as it wasn't a stroke but a brain tumor that they couldn't fix. We had to put Shelby to sleep with 2 hours of finding her like this. Shelby gave us unconditional love for nearly 16 years and is sorely missed. I think of her often and wish I could just pat her again or snuggle on the bed with her. She was my baby. We miss you Shelbs.


Today is also my nephews 19th birthday so after work will have to go to mum's for dinner. He's a funny boy and has only invited his girlfriend and 2 mates, its funny because its still like a kids party where you choose whats for tea and invite a friend. No huge parties or going to nightclubs which is what most of us and a lot of young ones would do, but each to their own. Happy birthday Adam.


And finally to me, I weighed myself this morning, which I do most morning I might add but today is weigh in day and I am done 500gms, so happy but not over the moon. Yesterday I weighed less but its TOM for me, which also i didn't realise until yesterday at work again no less. Thought whats happening here this cant be right, its only day 16 when in actaul fact it was day 27!!!!! So I think I would have weighed less today if it wasn't for that dam womens issues.


Drea said...

Shelby looks adoreable... I'll bet she never chomped on coffee tables or husbands fave shoes!! RIP Shelby.

Yay on the .5kg loss. It ALL adds up... better off than on!


Kristy said...

500 grams is a great loss. Over 12 weeks you can lose at least 6 kilos.


Sue said...

Thanks for the kind words guys, they are much appreciated.
Drea - Shelby was a one in a million kind of dog, she never chewed anything just loved.
Kritsty - I never thought of it that way, 6 kilos would make me a happy camper for sure.

linda said...

sue-there's something about dogs and their unconditonal love that really tears at your heart strings. We've had a number of dogs over the years and have had to put them down when their time was at an end. I still think of two in particular and it still brings a lump to my throat. Isn't it lovely that they inspire such love from us too.