Saturday, June 16, 2007

Didn't think I do but I do

I really didn't think I had anything to post but then realised of course what about how I'm now going to be freezing on my way to work after I got ALL MY HAIR CUT OFF! As I have probably stated previously, this week I worked from the city instead of my normal work place, well on the way to the train station I picked up the free MX Magazine/newspaper and they was a picture of Posh Spice on the cover with this very short at the back long at the front bob thingy, and I though I could have that, so on the train I go, get to end destination, call Dazza to pick me up and straight to the hairdressers. off comes my hair and to boot Dazza gets his hair done as well, OFF, you see he is 'thinning' at the back (bald spot, shhhhh) so went for something different. So I will have to get some photo's taken of the new do's and give you all al look.

I also went to the new DFO at the station and found my friend Converse, I got runners, fleecy track pants, a singlet, a t-shirt, a waterproof thin jacket and a pink zip up jacket, I also got a yellow tee from Portmans for only $4.95, stuff from Converse = $119 (I'm the biggest scabb remember so can hunt out a bargin). I never try anything on and guess what, it all fits, even the 'M' tee from Portmans, and the large stuff from Converse also fit. Yay for me.

Well better get my butt off this computer and get ready for work again.


linda said...

oohhh- brave you getting your hair all cut! I have to summon up heaps of courage to try anything new. A bad haircut is a six month sentence for my poor slow growing locks. Would love to see a pic of your new 'do'

Kek said...

Yeah, come on us the new look!

Nice work on the shopping bargains.