Saturday, June 16, 2007

So here they are............... the photo's

Now remember that I saw this hair do in a newspaper and went straight from the train to the hairdressers, crazy maybe but thats me. Now also remember I hate having my photo taken and don't think its very fair that I have to plaster my fat neck on the net.

Actually looking at the rear pic's I actually like my neck in reverse, do you think I could walk around back wards always?? Do you think people would think I was rude if I spoke to them with my back to them, surely not if they saw my nice reverse neck????


Kek said...

I like your new do....don't know about rude, but people might think you're strange.

Debstar said...

Look out Posh, you have competition!

Have you ever noticed in those American soapies the actors always turn their backs on the other person and talk into space (directly towards the camera)? Weird.... and most of them have skinny necks.

Sue said...

I knew I was onto something :o