Sunday, June 17, 2007

My brain won't switch off

I tell you food is the most confusing thing. I've been thinking that I might use my Eating for Life book more but find that after writing down all of the ingredients, it just seems to hard. Normally I would have a protein shake for breakfast because I'm not much for eating in the morning but thought as it is Sunday I would cook breakie for me. Well it was fast and all but in the end, not that rewarding, would probably still been happy to have my shake instead. So now after working on a menu last night and creating a shopping list, I have tossed it all today and thought, just go simple Sue. So my new plan is to have the following:

M1: Protein shake
M2: Boiled egg and fruit
M3: Some sort of protein and carbs like sandwich or something that I make like Broccolli frittata
M4: Protein shake
M5: 200g lean meat and veg
M6: if required, maybe diet jelly or fruit and cottage cheese (this will be a tst cause I can't imagine eating sweet with savoury :-/)

Let me know what you think anyone/everyone...............


Kek said...

The meal plan looks OK, Sue. Personally, I wouldn't have a shake for breakfast - I think you need something substantial to start the day. Besides, liquid meals are digested too quickly, leaving you hungry again. But a shake is better than no brekky at all....

Debstar said...

I've got that Eating for Life book too. I look at the pretty pictures but that's about all. Actually I got more out of the rah-rah introduction. Its a good motivator for when you start to go off the rails with the diet.

Kristy said...

Great haircut, Sue.

Also the menu plan looks good, but agree with Kerryn about breakfast. I would prefer oats as they are nice and filling instead of a protein shake.